Setting up your Glowforge with the rubber bottom supports

I am setting up my replacement GF and instantly I knew something was different. The underneath bottom supports that run the width of the Glowforge now have some type of rubber material. This rubber material makes it extremely difficult to move your Glowforge on a table.

I believe overtime the more you move your GF the rubber material will waste away.

I am putting my Glowforge on top of a piece of 1/8 MDF that measures 28x38.

Now when I need to move the Glowforge to clean the back exhaust, vacuum the underneath air intake section or use the pass-through ——I will now move the MDF material instead of the Glowforge.

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This has always been there to my knowledge. The bottom of my basic has them for sure. Your machine isn’t supposed to slide easily on a table top :rofl: :rofl:


Mine has that, it’s 5 years old.


My GF feet are rubber, too…and is 5 years old.




Folks it does not matter if mine has rubber feet. The new machine is completely busted. Does not work.

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I am having the some problems with my new machine and it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve set it up. I keep getting a message Head not Found and no luck with fixing it even after following all instructions. I see your laser head moves and mine just sits in one spot. Received a replacement GF today that is filthy and smells burnt. Very disappointing. I hope you have better luck with your machine than what I’m having.

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Take pictures of the filth and contact support.

You purchased a brand new machine that is under warranty. They need to send you a clean replacement.


I have and currently waiting for a support member to contact me.

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