Settings for 1/8" Meranti Lauan plywood

First things first, this stuff is thin and light weight. I doubt it’s super strong.

Thickness as measured is 0.108".

Cuts easily at 320/full/1x (Pro), and even cut well at 340 speed, though I think you might get spotty cuts, that’s pushing it. The cuts are very dark, with medium charring.

Engraving was fairly shallow but VERY dark as 200speed/10power/225lpi/1x. (Meranti is also called Philippine mahogany, and it engraves super dark like mahogany does).

Shallow engraving is key here, the top ply is quite thin.

It finishes up decently, this is lightly sanded and oiled:

So all in all, is this the best material? Depends on your use case. It had one massive thing going for it: price. A full 4’ x 8’ sheet was only $12.08.