Settings for business cards?

So I bought these on Amazon and it didnt turn out as expected. Any suggestions? I thought it would be darker. I sprayed it with Cermark…

There might be some settings information for Cermark in the Beyond the Manual section. (I’ve never used it.)

Yep…here it is:


You have to clean the cermark off the un-engraved area as well (unless the blanks you bought are meant to be that color vs. the silver in your amazon pic.)

They came as silver. I wiped off the Cermark and the dark color came off and left the very light engraving.

The settings in the thread Jules linked to should get you going. Plenty of people have used it (and similar products) and posted good results. The engraved area should not wipe off - if so, it hasn’t been “baked” on correctly.


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