Settings for engraving anodized aluminum?

Needing some guidance/base settings to use from those of you that have been engraving on anodized aluminum.
Ive got some business card blanks and dog tags coming,. but wanted to see if anyone could share what has worked for them before I just throw them in and start wasting material figuring it out. Thanks in advance.


I’ve done many Macbook Pros and little aluminum dog tags from amazon. The default settings for the Macbook work well in every case so far… full speed, full power and 340lpi.


Hi @gascapitalcustoms & @jmartin2683 - would you mind sharing a few of your projects? I’m eager to try aluminium as well but would love to see:

  • what kinds of materials you bought (and more importantly, where :slight_smile:)
  • how well the engravings come out

Thanks a ton in advance!

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I use 335, full, 340

I do a lot of small details/text though so the slower speed helps there I have found


This is one I did yesterday. Default Macbook settings, it came out very nice… probably the best so far. I had an issue with getting small, visible lines when i ran it slower (around the same 300 or so) before on others. I didn’t even know that there was a proofgrade setting for the Macbook until the other day, and they seem to come out smoother using it, at least in my experience so far.


hmmm, maybe that is an issue with bigger patches of engraving. I have done a bunch of tags and earnings with no issues on 300 but in other materials when I play with settings really small details and text don’t show up well at higher speeds. But I’m talking text like .070 high

More discussion here:

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anodized aluminum dog tags settings:

A whole lot of other settings:

Hope they help.


This is where I bought mine from.

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Love your notes page… will definitely be consulting that from time to time. Thanks for putting it together (also love that you have a food section… I’ve done Brie wheels and macaroons with success)

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Just want to say thanks for your settings!

got me to this result

I find it nice but for sure I think I will keep playing to see if I can get smaller gaps in the image to show. I kind of tried many gaps and this one is the best but I wish I can have smaller ones.

anything you see that I could have improved? (yeah I could have left a bit more space on right side…) I think I will create a jig to hold and align my dog tags…


Looks good to me. Did you make sure you had it on vary power verse dots?

Most info I’ve seen about anodized aluminum says the higher the LPI, the cleaner the result and I’d give that a try. (Which isn’t true for a lot of material.)