Settings for engraving clipboard

Hello! Looking to engrave a few clipboards that I purchased on amazon. The amazon description says that they are “fiberboard”. I haven’t been able to find an answer on the forum or material spreadsheets so thought I’d ask. Does anyone have experience with settings for clipboards? Any advice?

Try the Draftboard settings.


Thank you, will do!

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That’s what I used for my Dave The Handyman clipboard a year or so ago.


Let us know how it goes!

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Worked great! Used the draftboard settings and engraved in HD with settings at 750/11. Turned out perfectly. Thanks for all the help!

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Some test runs for any who may be interested … :slight_smile:


Did you engrave on the front or the back of the clipboard?

Do you have to cover up the metal clip or anything on the clipboard when in the machine being engraved, thank you!

If your design is not laid over the metal parts, you don’t need to cover them up.

Thank you for the picture. Did you mask your clipboard?

Yes I masked with blue painter’s tape but have also done others with no masking and simply used denatured alcohol to wipe of the small amounts of char / residue and that really cleans things up nicely.