Settings for Engraving on Slate



Thank you for all of the advice on settings and stuff. I made this Alice in Wonderland coaster set.


That last one is one of my favorite sayings! Great job on them! :grinning:


Thank you so much for sharing Jules! These settings worked perfectly :smiley:


Oh good! Glad it worked! :grinning:


Loving these settings!


Ok, I know I made a mistake on the text, but I tried 60 power and it doesn’t look as nice. So 30 power wins

60 left. 30 right


Here are some interesting results and a question.

Why do people use the mineral oil?

The following was done without oil

I noticed that at 30 power, it’s not engraving, its exciting the surface and raising it up. It scratches off. Here I scratched off the top line of text.

At full power and 600 speed it actually cuts into the slate. The 2 circles were testing full power and 500 speed on the left, and full power 1000 speed on the right.
Enough that you can color it.


It enhances the contrast between the slate and engraving.

Wipe it on and let it dry (overnight is fine), then engrave.


Real thin coat though, more is not better and is actually worse. Just wipe on, wipe off.


But my mineral oil is getting absorbed. Its food grade with vitamin E (butcher block oil). Maybe not the right stuff?


I’m going to try shellac over first.


Mmmmmm, bug poop


Bug guts! And alcohol!


Forget mineral oil on slate! Use shellac! You can also use a belt sander on the slate to smooth it out a bit before the shellac. Look at that contrast

Speed 900
Power 60
Lines 270



Engraved at settings above

One in progress


Looks like I need to get my belt sander setup again.


This is sweet looking!


How’s it look like it handles abrasions? Does the shellac scratch & show white streaks?


No. Shellac also melts into itself. So a dab of shellac would rejuvenate it


more slate…


That looks fantastic. I especially like the way the right side fades into the background. :grinning: