Settings for Engraving on Slate



Wowee! This looks amazing!


Whoa, that’s both creepy and awesome!


I feel like that’s the look I get when I have upset the wife.


my question is that how do you vary power when slate is a non proof grade material, its not showing up on my settings


In manual settings you can always set vary power. If you’re using a proofgrade setting it is called “3d engrave” and its only available for certain materials I think.

Switch to manual is my advice. Proofgrade settings are training wheels that can get changed out behind your back.


I am in manual settings and there is the normal choices but the ‘dots, patterns or vary’ are gone . Just LPI , passes and focal height.


Won’t work on vector elements. Has to be rasterized.


Fyi. 500 speed, full power, 3 passes… is awesome!

You can actually get measurably depth.