Settings for proofgrade materials?

Is there somewhere that lists the actual settings the gf is using for various proofgrade materials?

Yes, after you enter a :proofgrade: material switch to manual and the numbers that prefill the manual settings are the same.


“Why don’t they just publish a list?!”
- everyone, for all time

“Because proofgrade settings are per batch of materials. What settings you get for proofgrade maple today are not guaranteed to be valid tomorrow.”
- everyone else, in response to this question every time

(I know because I was one of the many people who asked the former and was told the latter.)


I don’t need a “list” that is set in stone, I’m just looking for a starting point for fine tuning settings for non-proofgrade materials that are similar.

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Yeah the best solution I’ve found is to search the forum for “maple settings”, etc.

I keep a google document full of project ideas and settings. There’s a lot of trial and error involved with getting your settings just right. Take careful notes and you’ll get it sorted out pretty quickly.

One tip: power settings 0-100 are fairly equal on both pro and basic. Power “full” is very different between the two models. E.g., “150 speed/100 power/1x” is the same for both but “150/full/1x” is not.


I start with proof grade settings for almost everything I cut. I put my non PF material in the glowforge and select what I think is the closest PF material from the list. Then click on the manual settings button and make adjustments from there. After a few months of doing this now I’m pretty good at getting the settings about right the first time.


That’s exactly what I’m looking to do. I just didn’t know if the settings when you switch to manual were the same settings that were being used for the actual proofgrade settings or some default that’s always there when you click on it. I clicked on manual for a few different materials and the settings were all the same. I just wanted to be sure.


You may need to click away from the settings dialog to get the Proofgrade selection to “stick” before selecting Manual.

I have found that if I don’t do that, often the settings that come up after selecting manual will be obviously incorrect (1000 speed, 1 power).