Settings for Seklema Mat?

So it just got the Seklema Mat, like I just my email stating it was delivered. So excited. But does anyone know what settings will work best? I want to cut some paper tonight.


what kind of paper are you thinking about cutting? like printer paper or a heavier card stock style?

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There are lots of settings on here for paper products, but the difference between wanting to mark, engrave, and cut paper are as diverse as the differences between card stock, copy paper, and mat board!

Knowing what kind of paper will be your best bet. I’m gonna move your post to Beyond the Manual so once you specify you can get more specific answers :slight_smile:

**Even if someone has settings for your exact paper, you’re going to want to test carefully because differences in temperature, humidity, and the specifics of your version of the paper can change things!


Do a search for paper settings here in the BTM section. You’ll find tons of helpful information. :slight_smile:


Just to be clear…there are no settings specifically for use with a Seklema mat. It will be settings for paper that will allow you to cut/score/engrave using the Seklema mat to keep the paper from blowing around.


I love my Seklema mat, but as @Xabbess says, it doesn’t change settings. It simply holds your paper or other material so bits don’t blow in front of the laser and ruin your cut. I don’t love cleaning all the little bits off the mat, however.


I would think that you would want to be more precise in your settings for the paper as to make the least mark on the mat. As the paper is much less expensive I would sneak up on the settings on a sacrificial piece of paper and use just enough to do the job.

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Thank you this is exactly what I was gearing for. I have thousands of pieces of cardstock and buying a 60 dollar mat again isn’t something I want to do anytime soon.

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So you found it didn’t change your settings. I was worried since it’s almost 1/8 inch thick that if I put my regular paper settings it might damage my mat.

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The key is entering the correct focal height. The “set focus” option has made that a lot easier than it used to be. :slight_smile:


The mat will sustain marks after some use…but, it can be cleaned off when it starts showing a lot…plus, it can be used on both sides. It seems pretty durable and should last quite some time.


You absolutely need to be aware of and enter the additional thickness. The autofocus/set focus height feature is great, but if it doesn’t work just one time, you’re out an expensive mat.

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If you’re watching, as you should be, you’ll immediately see the settings are off. I’m not particularly worried about set focus not working, but even if it happened, you would catch it before ruining an entire mat.

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I used speed 200 and power 22 on some cardstock last month. I used six different colors of the same weight (forgot the weight) from the same manufacturer. Two of the colors needed speed 200 power 24. It’s somewhere to start at any rate.

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