Settings for the Bellinghamster Tile Maps

Normally when engraving tile, glass, slate, etc, I use a protective layer of Dawn liquid dish soap. This time I’d already sat through waiting to see how much time it would take…(the first one was 7+ hours at 340dpi) I settled on 195dpi instead…only 4 hours. Anyway, I wasn’t willing to lift the lid just to put the soap on the tile.

I was surprised at how crisp the edge lines were. One tile did exhibit surface cracking; next time I’ll prep them better. In this engrave, there was no other damage.



Usually a sign of too much power. I tend to do tiles at higher speeds than the 170/200 you were doing, more like 1000/full.

Tiles vary a lot, so ymmv too… but if you’re seeing spalling it might be worth testing at a higher speed to see how it looks?


Only one had a crack and there was no other damage. I like the look of the results, though I will probably speed it up if I use those tiles again.

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