Settings: I requesteth that this post be deletith, v2.0




It appears I can’t delete my tongue-in-cheek post. Sorry.


Are those the proper settings for cutting sarcasm?


“The phrase was originally meant to express contempt.” source: wikipedia


must not be very good. if brevity is the soul of wit you’d think he’d cut faster.


This category is different from the others. I have a lot of fun posting things and then deleting them instantly. Apparently I can’t do that here.
BTW, you should have seen what @jules posted and deleted moments after one of the big delay announcements. Yes Jules I saw that. :dizzy_face:


Which one? (Obviously I rethought the wisdom of posting it, so hopefully it was juicy enough for you to enjoy. Chuckle!) :smile:


It had just one big ol’ word.


Oh yeah…I think I remember that one! :smile:


It appears to be engraved though - no LPIs on cuts…although this looks like a ghost of an engrave with a -47LPI setting (unless of course that’s the setting for passes in which case the cut was done before it started :smile: )


haha, cut, engrave, it’s all close enough for the purpose of stupid puns.

i was originally thinking perhaps he’d unlocked a time travelling engrave function.


If he had, he’d already have his GF and he’s been spoofing on us for the past two years! :smile:

(Isn’t there a theory that time travel won’t be invented because if it could, we’d already know it because the travelers would be amongst us?)


Cutting the cheese


Someone flagged this so I came to see (at Friendly Neighborhood Lawyers’ request I generally stay out of this category)… but this is too hilarious to delete.