Settings to engrave paper

New to Glowforge Aura & wondering what settings to use to engrave paper?

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If there’s a proof grade paper option, I would try that to start. If not, generally it doesn’t take much power at all to engrave paper so I would go for a high-speed low power combination and see what you get. Just pick some small image to try out so your tests don’t take too long.

As always, when working with a new material, you should watch carefully to make sure no fires break out. It’s paper, and it could catch… But if you see it catch on fire quickly open the Glowforge and stamp the fire out. There’s not that much risk, if you’re staying on top of it. A lot of people keep a damp rag nearby just for this purpose.

If you keep it at high speeds and low power the risk of fire is fairly low anyway. Have fun and be careful, experimentation is a good part of the process!


Thank you so much!


There’s a great help page on what all the various settings do:

This will help you get started with figuring out settings.