Settlers of Catan Board and Accessories

This took a little more than the long weekend but totally worth the effort! I made everything but the cards on my glowforge and 3d printer!


Awesome :slight_smile: turned out great. this is one of the next projects im doing as well. just picked up some water based stains today for it.


Everything is beautiful, but I especially love these with the slots for holding cards! That’s the first I’ve seen that particular mod :slight_smile:


Looks like an amazing set. Nicely done. I’m jealous, as this is on a long list of future projects.

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Thanks! I found it on thingiverse:

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Gorgeous turn out!

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wow, that is killer. did you design it yourself?

How or where would i find this file? It is so cool and would be an amazing Christmas gift :heart:

Per an earlier response:

Welcome to the forum! Unlike most places on the web, here much of the meat of conversations happen in the comments, so it’s worth at least scanning through them :smiley: