Settlers set

I made a settlers set, and posted all the plans up on thingiverse:

It is the game, boxes for the pieces/card as well as a main box and all the bits cut out. Also has game cards and longest road/largest army pieces.

Lots of experimenting with painting and laser cutting. This would likely be a lot easier with snapmarks, was hard to line up the painted sections and then engrave after the painting.

Worked out quite nicely in the end, the painting part is quite fiddly, as is getting things to fit inside boxes :wink:


Nice achievement!

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Very cool! :grinning:

I own this game, but have never had the chance to play. But, I soooo want to build a board after seeing so many cool projects online. Nice work.


I know :slightly_smiling_face: I bought a copy so I wouldn’t feel like I was ripping off a sale by making my own. Made one on my K40 but it was small so I intended to do a larger folding version on the GF but haven’t gotten a chance.

And I still haven’t played the one still in its shrinkwrap :blush:


Yes, this is one the first board games I ever played :slight_smile: Was a good 15-20 years ago now. My old set is a bit worse for wear :slight_smile:

This one is quite a bit better. I used the bough mayfair replacement cards for the cards, I cannot seem to find a buyable instruction set online though.

Looks like you got some warpage in the frame. Is that just due to your BB stock or was it caused by painting?

Stock is slightly warped. Although I think painting it does warp it somewhat too

I’ve struggled with my highest grade BB having warping and voids, too.

This is really cool.
What font did you use for the alphabet coins? Are they engraved or scored?
I’m always looking for single stroke fonts so I can score instead of engrave. It will dramatically speed up the lasering.

I engraved them, didn’t score them. How you got all the cambam stick fonts? I find they are the best in this area :slight_smile: