Shadow Bands during Solar Eclipse


Interesting effect mentioned by @dwardio as he witnessed the approach of totality during an eclipse.
I am ready. :sunglasses:


One idea that I had for the eclipse (which I’m not going to be able to pull off) was to set my Phantom drone to hover at max legal altitude with the camera pointed at a 45º angle along the eclipse approach azimuth in hopes of recording video of the shadow bands.

Anyone, anyone?


I would but my GoPro was stolen from hotel room on the last trip, so no aerial footage until its replaced. :frowning:

A buddy that I’m meeting in Wyoming will probably have his with him. If I can find us a spot far enough away from people, I’ll see if I can talk him into it.


Sounds like a great idea!
My understanding is that it is a phenomena of the corona, only visible because of the eclipse (ordinarily it would be overwhelmed by sunlight) - that is distorted by the atmosphere (same reason stars twinkle).
How cool is that?


I’m taking off work and should be able to pull that off


So cool–so we’ll be seeing our own star twinkling?? I love it.


I’ll have a drone up. I was planning to try to capture the disc, but perhaps I can get both in frame.


oh cool, i hope you’ll share; that would be cool to see. i wish i could get back home to snag some totality, but it’ll still be impressive even up here.


Will do, if I end up with anything worth sharing!


Man, so stoked for those of you that get to be in the path. Tried to figure out a way, but the timing just won’t work. Oh well. I’ll enjoy the partial here and wait for the next one that’s actually supposed to track across Texas (in 20 years or so) :sunny: