Shadow box lamps - on my to do list

That is awesome!

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I’ve done many tests with this kind of stuff per this lantern project:

It is mostly about having a clear light source with little distortion (so the less diffusion, the brighter/crisper the image)

For my project I am using 0.5w 8mm strawhat LED’s- they have a nice wide angle, but they probably would not have the kind of brightness/throw you’d want.

As folks have stated above, there are many newer / brighter LED’s (3w SMD’s) You could try if you want to stay battery powered (you would probably need to get into heat sinks) or just clear incandescent bulbs might be nice for a wall-plug scenario.


Oh yeah! Now do two colored translucent shades, nested, and have them spin in opposi-- ((BLARGH!))

Nevermind. Too far.