Shadow box

Tried my hand at a simple shadow box. Due to my lack of material (and my love of making miniature things) it is pretty small! 4 x 2 3/4 inches. Things I’ve learned - making tiny things means that the tiny details are very thin and fragile (one thing snapped and needed to be glued) - oops! Overall a good learning experience. PG maple ply, walnut, cherry and acrylic.


Well done! :sunglasses:


Great shadow box - and yes, miniatures are fun. I learned early on, to thicken the thin pieces, because the laser will make thin pieces even thinner.


It’s lovely! You’ve got a knack.


Nice!! Not to mention miniature size gives a good feel for larger projects as well.


Welcome and beautiful scene.

Many of us here at the GF community are also miniature addicts.

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Love those words and nice box, too! Great stuff!

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This looks great. Thanks for sharing! I love miniatures too!

That looks great! Love the footprints and the saying. And if the toes break or anything, hey, the wind and waves caused them to change! I haven’t tried the shadowbox stuff - yet. Nor any of the miniatures - yet. Someday…

This is lovely :slight_smile: