Shadow Boxing* *in the dark

Well #3 is the peacock series, is a ‘happy accident’ making some shadow box hangings…

here is the general idea. . .


Looks great!

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I love seeing all the iterations of your peacocks.

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Then you came and caused a spark
That’s a four-alarm fire now

Hmm, no foreshadowing Frankie.

Nice peacock!

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I’m TRYING to avoid that 4 alarm fire, why I keep a fire blanket nearby!
I’m beginning to see the light!

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and ITS FINISHED!! – 8 hrs laser time, 8 hrs paint by hand time


Now that’s good looking. Love the colors.

Thanks, I was staring at a picture of a peacock while I was coloring :slight_smile:

They look like they’re in love!

yes, they met on ‘

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