Shadow casting light shade, rotating

My wife and I were watching the movie Tolkien and I was inspired to create a shadow casting light box like his mother used to tell stories with…

Seen at 50 seconds into the trailer.

I got to work, with elements borrowed from the great

This is my first attempt at designing a shadow casting box.

Currently the heat isn’t making it spin, I will next enclose the edges with acrylic cut outs to fit perfectly into the openings.

Also what would be the best light source to make this work? The LED bulb did not cast a shadow on the wall. Or I could build a frosted acrylic box for the outside to cast the shapes around the light.

I will post it to Free Designs so it can be perfected by this creative group!


1/8 in baltic birch used. proofgrade didn’t love the pentagon bend.


Love it!

Cool idea! (I’m not sure LED lights are strong enough to cast shadows…had trouble with some animal eyes freebies I posted one year for Halloween.)

Thank you!

I need to find a frosted incandescent bulb to try, my edison bulb laying around wasn’t strong enough, and had a wirey shadow on the wall.

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It’s a catch-22, it’s made of wood, but if you want it to spin on it’s own you need more heat. But a real candle would be a fire hazard.

I think with a metal snap and mounted to a pin it would spin. Like at minute 5

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Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing!

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An incandescent bulb might work, my grandmother had a Niagara Falls lamp that would spin after the heat built up, but it was metal and plastic. Like this one…

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That is a cool lamp!

Wow! That brings back memories. My mother had that exact same lamp. I don’t know what happened to it after she died :slightly_frowning_face: I bet my sister threw it out…it was old and kitschy but I thought it was cool :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought these LED night lights from Amazon and put them into little boxes. One box, with a 4 inch butterfly cut out, casts an image 6 foot tall on the wall 10 feet away.


Nice!!! Thank you!

Wonder if these would work? Lots of different versions on them.

Cool! Thank you!

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