Shape-Shifting Seating




Reminds me of furniture from the Nomadic Furniture book of the 1960’s-70’s, but more portable! If the GlowForge was larger, we could cut the legs and folding parts at home!


300$usd for a folding chair!


I was terribly distracted by her disappearing nose stud for some reason! :nose:


Had to say it to make others look… Squirrel :chipmunk:


Hahahaha got me there…lovin it !


sure, but design is a nonzero value property, imo. besides, if it holds up as well as it suggests, it could be worthwhile. i have some midcentury dining chair clones that we paid ~ $150 CAD each for, and they’re fine but not quite as durable as i’d like. being able to take one outside without worrying about whether they’d hold up would be nice. and if it lasts a decade, saves me from replacing them.

but even then i think the real value is for people without a lot of space. i can think of some nyc friends who’d totally dig these; folding chairs are super useful in manhattan apartments and most of them look terrible.


Po boy here. Tend to lean toward a vintage $3 meeting house chair from the 1920-40s. Bought and given away maybe 100 of them over the last decade to back porch musicians. Solid, very light and store well. Though the shape-shifting seat would help my fidget problem.

(not my pic)


for sure, i mean, i have four of those chairs in the pic, lol. i’m just saying, simply because it’s a folding chair, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the price that it is.


Absolutely agree. If you take uniqueness and creativity out of the equation then instead of buying, folks would be asking Jackson Pollock to clean up his mess. (Though I tend to lean toward the latter.)


I dunno…solution in search of a problem, maybe?


Do people under 40 even sit down anymore what with standing desks and everything?


haha i do have a standing desk but that chair gets awful comfortable looking after a while :smiley:


Yes, because of the hardware in my back I need to change position every couple of hours, toward the evening the sitting lasts longer and longer.


I just started a new job(and I’m under 40…) The person before me who had the desk was the only person to opt out of the stand up desks. The owner keeps asking me if I want one. I actually don’t know if they do anything, but up till this job I have profeasionally stood for the last 17 years


Beanbags. Definitely beanbags. Or so I’m told.


Guy in our office has this in his cubicle:


There are three of those in my office… but not with the telescoping chair. The whole point is to stand, not to “sit higher”.


Yep. He looks like a Gringotts goblin teller sitting up there :smile:


From that sitting position all he has to do is stand up instead of having a repositional desktop.