Shapeoke XXL vs XCARVE

What are your thoughts on Shapeoke XXL vs XCARVE. I am looking into the two and am torn on the pros and cons. I dont know if I want to get something that I have to deal with having to worry about service and interface. But I am not sure. Any one have one of the two? Know about one of the two? Thoughts? 1,2,3…GO!!!

@shogun …?

Anyway, google is your pal here:

And so on and so forth.

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Throw me two choices and I’ll almost always tell you the third. Have you looked at the Shaper Origin? for some people’s use cases it is perfect.




I have the basic Shapeoko CNC and I love it. The rails are a lot sturdier than the xCarve so you can do things like aluminum if that floats your boat. If you are used to doing things in Inkscape you can keep designing there and just import the SVG into carbide create to set tool paths.

I will say that CNC is a very different beast. I have been working on a video comparing the shapeoko and the glowforge but it’s not done yet. (Too many projects).

Feel free to ask me any specific questions directly.

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Does that program come with the Shapeoko or do you have to purchase it separately?

It is included. It is basically a very limited version of something like Inkscape or Illustrator, but it also is where you set your tool paths and which bits to use.

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Cool, thanks.

CNC what? Router? Milling machine? 3D Printer? Plasma cutter? Lathe? 5-axis machining center? Pick and place machine? Plotter? Drag cutter? Language? Machine controller?

These are all things that are encompassed by the term Computer Numeric Control. Saying CNC is really ambiguous.

Yes, on a soapbox; this is starting to bug me a little.


I’ve heard good things about Blue Carve from Australia. It’s like if you got an x-carve on steroids for about the same price.

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One thing I learned in my time with a cnc mill is that the spinning bit is a problem for any 3d engraving. A large diameter can move fast but has terrible resolution and half that diameter at the same speed takes 4 time as long, but it is weaker so cannot move that fast so actually takes ten times as long and the quarter size a hundred time as long as the biggest, after that it gets really nuts. Even cutting things out the sharpest corner has the radius of the cutter. I was underwhelmed.


Used to drive me nuts. No precision in the language use. I finally decided it’s like gravity and can safely assume that except for limited specialists, “CNC” = CNC router (or spindle - most everyone uses “router” even when it’s a purpose-built motor).

The assumption is correct 90% of the time.


Whoever moved this convo…I thank you! Dearly! Sorry that everything is know of run on after run on, but I speak into my device a lot.

So… from my understanding Shapeoko and Inventables you have to have a computer hooked up to it directly, pretty much right next to it. Am I correct on that?

Well yes, within usb range.

Another option that’s just starting to ship out now is the Millright Mega V:

…but if you buy now you probably won’t get the machine itself until some time in April, and it’s going to be quite heavy (>300lb) so you may need to consider where the heck you’d put it (as you won’t want to move it again).

However, it does cut quite fast, up to 500 inches per minute (depending on what you’re cutting, of course), and there’s some reasonably nifty options available for it. Then again, brand new machine means there isn’t much of a community for it yet.

I just wish I had the money for the plasma variant. Sigh.

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Well, luckily we have about 10 forklift out there that would put it in place for us!! But 300 is heavy duty!! This is a newbie I suppose! Thanks I will check into it!

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