Shaper Origin bit organizer - a hybrid project using the Glowforge and the Shaper Origin


I posted this in the Shaper Origin community but felt it was worthy of posting here since a big part of it was created on the Glowforge. It is an example of how incredibly well these two devices work together since the SVGs are portable. I literally use the same SVG on both devices. I expanded on an original shaper tool kit design (provided by shapertools) to have a nice little box that held all my Shaper Origin bits. For those who don’t know about the Shaper, it’s a handheld, computer vision augmented, CNC router.

Basically a sandwich with 3 layers: A center layer which is the tool shadow layer, and a top and bottom which are symmetrical and hold the magnetic closure and foam insert. I designed it this way so center layer can be swapped out later if my tools/bits change over time.

Nothing is glued, the center layer is press fit on the bottom layer magnets. The top layer magnets are a slightly loose fit on the center layer magnet holes. You just drop the top near the bottom and it indexes into place via the magnets. The only thing I wish I had added in the design is a finger grab on the top to make it easier to open. I also wish I had some nice wood to make it from, but instead used some scrap MDF and didn’t try to really polish the results up.

I used the glowforge to cut and engrave the center layer. The box was cut on shaper. I was surprised to like the burned edge as a detail in the center of the sandwich. I’ll have to use this as a planned design element more. The magnetic closure worked really well too.


That’s pretty cool! I just recently saw a Shaper in action, when I was in L.A. at my buddy Frank Ippolito’s FX shop, and now I REALLY want one!


Awesome project, but I know what you really doing here. You’re subtle-bragging about having the foresight to get a Shaper Origin. I see right through you, mister.

I’m choking on envy.



Great project.


I wanted one too. However, I couldn’t sink that much money into something else I had to wait on.

now I am looking at this…

however I still have to make my 5th thing on Beamer. we are still moving in and my father in law has been in the hospital since last Friday. throwing productivity out the window and not through the Glowforge vent. :frowning:

had to edit because I realized I forgot the link. Duh…


That is a very tempting addition to my Glowforge equipment family.

Being able to cut up to 1/2" metals is very enticing.


yes indeed. I am not sure how my plasma cutter fires. Just my luck I’d have to buy another one.

in reality I have access to one, much larger than that one. I would be smarter to use it first paying the charges. let outlay that way.


The crazy part was my Glowforge and Shaper showed up almost at the same time and my head exploded :wink:


Oh my god you’re killing me. :laughing:


So cool! You did a great job on this!


A happy dilemma. My Shaper arrived first followed by my GF a couple of weeks later.


Very nice! Always great to have some specialized storage.




And your head exploded right? :laughing: Both of these devices rock.


@jeffk I’ve built the Shaper tools tray with my SO. What pieces did you do in the GF? I’m sure the engraving.

I was thinking that the original design could have been made in the GF too…


@scampa123 The entire center section was cut on the Glowforge out of 1/4" MDF. It’s tough to get consistent ‘pockets’ on the glowforge which is why I did this with a cut through design. The top and bottom (with the 1/8" pockets to hold the craft foam) were cut on the shaper.


Very cool! A seamless integration!


I’m still putting the pieces back together!