Shaper Origin for sale -- SOLD!

Updated 4/3: I've sold it -- no longer available.

Looking to supplement (not replace!) your Glowforge and expand your woodworking to include larger and/or thicker materials? Are you CNC-curious, but unwilling to dedicate even more of your precious shop space to a yet another permanent machine? Have I got a deal for you! :innocent:

Seriously, I have a gently-used Shaper Origin with perhaps 8 to 10 hours on it that I’d like to sell. It’s been babied since I purchased it and still looks brand-new. I took these photos just yesterday:

Shaper Origin handheld CNC router (SO1-NN) with Shaper spindle (SM-1, made by Festool)

Included Accessories:

  • 1 Roll of ShaperTape (150’)
  • Set of tool change accessories
  • USB flash drive
  • 1/4" up-cut spiral cutters
  • Two 1/8" up-cut spiral cutters
  • 60° engraving cutter
  • Universal dust collection adapter
  • Tanos Systainer with custom supports (see below)

BTW, I wasn’t kidding about working with large materials – in case you’re unfamiliar with the Origin, you can use it on materials of pretty much any size. Want to inset a compass rose in the middle of a ballroom? Yup! Want to cut out a nine-foot surfboard? Can do. There’s no bed, so there’s no limit to your material size.

Ok, now the nitty-gritty… This unit originally sold for $2,499, but as of a few months ago is no longer available, as it was replaced by the Gen 2 version that goes for $2,899 and up (depending on options included). Used Origins are hard to come by – their users tend to be as attached to them as we are to our GFs. :wink: Nonetheless, I’ve decided it’s time to move on to other things and I’m (clearly) not using it enough to warrant hanging onto it.

Asking $2,100 for the entire package. Would prefer to forego shipping by selling to someone in the Denver / Front Range area. I’m am willing to negotiate insured shipping with UPS/FedEx, too.

If you’re interested, please DM me.


That’s a sweet price on a sweet machine! I also don’t use mine enough, but I still tell myself I will find projects for it so I’m unwilling to let go. I did this video a couple of years ago where I put a hole in the side of a shadow box, which was admittedly major overkill for the Origin, but I wanted to try out the accessory I got and also wanted an excuse for making a video.


I hate to see you go from that community but I do understand that not every tool fits every person.

Anyone considering this, it is a great tool and even though mine goes months sometimes between uses I’ll not be selling mine! It uses SVG as its file type so everything you learn for the :glowforge: pretty much applies to the Shaper.


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