Shaper Trace -- Any Experiences?

Hey forum peeps! I found this older thread talking about the Shaper Trace tool before it got released – has any one bought it and tried it out?

I’ve been considering it for trying out tracing puzzle shapes and replacement puzzle pieces, and my spouse was thinking about it for SVG tracing replacement RC plane parts.

I’d love to know if any of y’all have experience with this tool!


I don’t use it as much as I expected, but it has worked pretty well for me. It does have the occasional “freakout” where it entirely misinterprets part of an image (mostly on small irregular details) which based on my very limited testing might be due to poor lighting or a less-than-entirely-flat original. I do like that it can alternate between doing a centerline, and doing an edge-trace.

One thing that irritated me, however, is that the “app” is a website – you have to be online or it can’t process the image. Also, it very very strongly prefers sharp black-and-white so if you are manually tracing something (so that Trace can then take a picture) be sure you use a good black ink (not pencil, for example).

Nevertheless, I’m glad to have it as a tool in my arsenal. I’d have uploaded an image to show you the results but I don’t have copyright on the things I’ve been using to test it.


called it:


I bought one but havn’t used it as much as I thought I would. I’d like to have more experience with it to recommend or discourage it.

That said, tracing puzzle pieces sounds like a great use case.


I used it to trace a silicon insert for my son’s car. He wanted a lid for the cubby the insert was in. It worked well for me!