Sharing Settings?

Is there a place where people share their settings for cutting non-proofgrade materials? I have dozens that I’ve worked out, and it would be great to (1) see them help others and (2) get feedback so I can improve them. Thank you, Phil


Glowforge links / Settings

This has been a big help for me…


There are some in the Beyond the Manual but you have to search for each material. The link provided by gamn1958 is very useful to me.

You have the answer so Welcome

I started working on a website a few days ago to store/view custom settings. I started it first for myself to lookup settings up quickly that I have collected. But long term would love to expand it for others to submit settings if there was enough interest for it.

I do have this site up and running for only viewing the settings that I have collected. I even made it so I can credit the person who I found the settings from and link to the source post. But I don’t quite think it’s ready to post the link in here right now. But I would certainly be more than happy to share the link with anyone who sends me a PM that wants to see it.

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Welcome. What you propose already exists and is mentioned in this thread.

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Thanks, I have seen the document and it’s great. But for what I was looking for a spreadsheet just isn’t the solution. I wanted categoried materials and mobile friendly interface.

As mentioned I started this for myself, but others may find it useful.

You can check it out at
Forge Armory

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Interesting idea, I like the organization structure.

You are missing an important detail: was the material masked or not?

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Sadly, this document has ceased to be. Does anyone have a backup?

I received an updated link on another post: Glowforge Settings 2022.xlsx - Google Sheets

I would like your file please

The link was given two posts later, but appears to be offline:

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That member has not visited the site in over three years. Trusting others’ settings is a bad idea in any case - use any number of methods posted here to test your material on you machine.

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I corrected the link in this post. It’s now available at

There is no file for these settings it was just a website to help make it easier for others to find. Needless to say I have not put anymore time or effort into the site since 2019 other than keeping it running. But if there was renewed interest from the community in this I could certainly work on it some more.


How come? I thought you used it for your own purposes?

The site already functions for my own purposes. And new settings can be added by others if anyone wanted to contribute.

But I use a different brand laser now as my primary machine, and I pretty much only use proofgrade materials with the same settings so I haven’t had to tinker with anything.


Thanks for the link!