Sharpie Holder / Stand


I’ve been so impressed with what everyone here has done, and all of the sharing, that I decided to get organized before I attempted tile engraving and coloring. The designs I have seen others produce and paint have been amazing, and with all of the talk about using Sharpies (especially the oil-based ones), I decided to buy a large set (43 different ones in various colors and tip sizes) from Amazon.

That’s quite a lot of Sharpies, and I knew to effectively use them, I needed to have something to hold them in order to keep them straight.

The amazing thing about the Glowforge (as you all know) is how easy it is to take something from concept to reality. It took about 30 minutes of design, and a bit of tweaking (but not much) to create the holder below.

I’ve decided to share with the community because of all that I’ve already learned from so many of you in such a short time. I’ve included a few pics as well, both with the empty holder and with the assortment included.

I also have left some extra pen spaces for when I (or any of you) add even more to your collection.

I hope you all enjoy!

Sharpie Holder (3.3 KB)

NOTE: To make the three-tiered version that is pictured, you will need to print the cutout with the holes twice. Regardless of whether or not you use a two- or three- tiered version, you will need to print two extra of the side braces. (it won’t fit on a single sheet of draftboard).


Thanks for the design! I can use one of these :slight_smile:


Oh very nice! Love the customized holders! :grinning:


Perfect just-in-time share! Bought a bunch on sale at Michaels yesterday and was thinking about how to store them (my pen carousel was getting overwhelmed). Thanks for sharing! :wink:


I had been looking at the Michael’s sale (Buy One, get on 50% off) but when I checked Amazon, there were some sellers who had large combinations that got me nearly twice as many for only 50% more than I was going to spend at Michael’s…


Sweet! Thank you!


I’ve seen lots of vertical pen/pencil holders. (Nice work BTW.) At the same time though, don’t most of those markers and paint pens state on them they should be stored horizontally? Or am I imagining I’ve read that? I’m askin’. Sez the guy with 20 or so in cups on my desk. (I no longer have the packaging for them.)


I haven’t seen anything about having to store Sharpies on their side, but some other brands (such as Zig Posterman and Zig Illumigraph markers) “must be stored on their side” according to some articles I found via Google.


Most important is to make sure you click the caps back on all the way you are done using them. You don’t want to let that fiber tip dry out once it has paint in it.


Great design! I burned one out last night. It’s perfect! On the down side apparently I need more markers :sunglasses:


At a minimum, you’d preferably want to store markers horizontally if not tip down as otherwise the liquids will want to flow to the top(now bottom) of the marker, the furthest area from where you actually want it, namely the tip.
Biggest issues is that many of these items have pocket clips, color coded caps but not bodies, and other oddities of design that make logical storage less easy.