Shed Solar Vent Fan Shroud and Support

Shed Solar Vent Fan Shroud and Support for a Zuzzee.

Instead of scrapping and painting, we decided to remove some badly mildewed side panels from one of the sheds and refurbish using Hardie Board. While at it, we also added a small solar fan to the old vent area to un-shed the worst of the heat. (that dad joke has been pre-groaned for your pleasure).

Simple box setup from ( ) using the ElectronicsBox scheme, 2 inches thick, for a narrow mounting lip.
Cut a 5 inch circle on fan face with bug proof slots on the other, and away we go.
The solar cell mount took a little more work, in the sense that it took 15 or 20 minutes to design.

Glowforge makes these little projects so darn easy.

Now to finish up the Hardie Board, apply paint, and color this upgrade done.


Hard to see in the bright sunlight, my bad.
Probably should have snapped a pic before installing it up there.

Here is a better picture from when a rain cloud passed. I will try to remember to get another picture when all done.


Nice practical cut!


A solar powered vent fan sounds like a great idea; cool that you were able to make a custom mount.

And I appreciate the pre-groaning.


That’s a great idea!

Btw, did you notice that the seller also recommends this fan for “caming?” :innocent:


Put a real camera on it for better results.
Fan is recommend for hiking, hen house, dog house, motor vehicles, essentially anywhere you want to move air.
If you have never been caming, don’t judge it heh heh.

It is not all that, but it does seem capable of removing the worst of it.


Cool! It’s so awesome to make what we need.

So it has been a few days. Time for some finishing remarks.
Still gets hot but the fan used will stop things from melting in the shed.
However, if you want it on a chicken coop, dog house, etc, I would suggest a more robust flavor or more than one.


Today I learned what a ZUZZEE is. I always wondered why they don’t put solar powered ventilation fans on cars as standard equipment. On a hot day, just circulate fresh air through without draining the battery, so you don’t come back to an oven in the parking lot.


Exactly, and they already have some core code for just that.
After the engine is shut down, some vehicles cycle heat from the engine to the interior during cold weather.
So, inside temp reaches a tipping point and flap swivels and a fan starts.

Pull down shades for the dash.
Probably an entire essay here on cool gimmicks, but a solar fan is just so simple.

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My LS does that although it does use the car’s battery pack (the hybrid side - safeguards the starting battery). I believe it is a feature on a number of cars now. But it’s probably buried in the user manual somewhere.

They have made something but I don’t know how good it is/was. This was years ago. It was a solar powered fan that you put on the window at the top and then roll up the window. It would then pull hot air out. Don’t know if it would work for electric windows.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

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