Shenron from Dragonball



Shenron from Dragonball, this is a velcro badge for my laptop bag. The material is bamboo plywood. I found the image of Shenron and cut off just the head for this project, then scored it onto the wood. The coloring was done with water based paint pens from Amazon.


Looking good.


Can you point me in the direction of those pens? Wow, that color seriously pops off of the wood.




Where did you source the bamboo plywood? That stuff looks expensive from what I can find.


This is the Amazon link for the pens. I was lucky with them the colors I used all worked, but a few of the pens the tips got stuck and no paint would come out.


The bamboo I bought from Inventables.


Yup that’s the stuff I found too. Might need to order a sheet.


Brave you are to cut off head of dragon…:grinning:


Well dangit, looks like there’s another supply I’m going to have to get some of. Thanks for the link to the markers! They really bring the piece to life.


Nice use of color. It really enhances the piece.


Looks beautiful colored! May have to check out these markers.