Shibori Day

This isn’t the most exciting GF project ever, but this is my first one on my new GF. And, since I now have one at home, it’s the first project that I whipped up quickly to meet a specfic need.

I hosted a Shibori Day for friends and family this past weekend. Shibori is a Japanese resist technique that traditionally uses indigo to dye fabric with patterns that are inspired by nature. I cut out wooden shapes to use as a resist and then I made magnets for each attendee as a little gift. Just because I could.

This is one of my pieces. I accordion folded the fabric and then folded that into a rectangle. I placed a heart on each side and used clamps to hold them on.

As with most Japanese art forms, there is a precision to traditional Shibori, but it’s really a forgiving medium. It’s hard to make a bad print. We had people ranging from age 8 and into their 70’s. Every single thing made looked amazing. It’s just a bonus that I now have some great deep-blue clothes pins (not made on the GF and not pictured) and other various shapes

This is actually why I got a GF - to assist with other hobbies (specifically bookbinding)- but now I imagine I’ll be doing just as many GF-specific projects.


Ahhh, brings back childhood memories (I spent much of mine in Japan). :slight_smile: Also, what a fun party idea!


I have still yet to visit Japan (other than an accidental layover), but it’s at the top of my bucket list and has been for years. I did study a bit of Japanese language and art in college (and can only remember about 3 words, sadly).


Nice! And something attendees appreciated, i’m sure!

Inspired by so many Japanese crafts & designs–lots of good programs on NHK. But sadly today was coverage about yet another earthquake! And in the same week as a major typhoon. Sad week for them.

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Awesome technique! (I’ll bet you could engrave some cool designs onto the blue clothespins too, and make Chip Clips.)

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Thank you. I definitely need to do something with them. They are such a lovely shade of blue!


It’s definitely a rough part of the world for natural disasters. :frowning:

It’s wonderful, but go before June unless you love the Gulf coast in the summer.

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Good advice. I do not. :slight_smile:

What a fun day!

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Oh, it’s gorgeous!

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