Shipping box generator

Has anyone found a free source for a generator to making small shipping boxes? I’d like to make these in different sizes.

Yes I know I could only make small boxes.

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You could try this resource; the exact box you want might not be on there but there is a mailer one that might work:


These sorts of boxes are going to be far less expensive to buy than to make (especially factoring in time), but let’s say you want to make one or two:

Inkscape has a folding box generator.

Extensions->render->foldable box…


First off, if you don’t realize, those boxes are much larger unfolded than what you can cut as one piece in the :glowforge:, also, as @evansd2 said, ordering is cheap enough that if you are going to use 50 of a size over a year or so it is cheaper just to order them.

Still, want to make your own? Well, Fusion 360 has a sheet metal section that will work just fine.


I know they are small, but they would be great for one offs for shipping.

Okay, depending on whether or not you have a Pro or not will make some of your decisions for you.

Your best bet is Fusion 360. Once you have a basic design you can modify it quickly for other sizes.
Your best bet for a design starting point is a box itself.

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