Shipping delays

Can someone run me through the process that happens when you receive your email asking if you still want your glowforge? I’m in Canada and ordered a basic if that makes a difference.
Do you get an acknowledgement that your reply was even received?
Do you get a tracking number to then be able to follow your order?
Do you get notice in advance of a delivery or does someone just ring the bell one day?
I ask these questions because I received the email in November. I answered it from a gmail account which immediately erased any trace of its existence (which I did not expect). My estimated delivery date showing on my account page is Dec 14th which was 4 days ago and I have not heard a peep from anyone regarding tracking etc. I shot off an email to glowforge and they agreed not having a tracking number would be frustrating and they would follow up with that as soon as possible. It’s been a long 1147 days and every day without that tracking number is killing me slowly.


I asked the exact same thing yesterday. I received the email on Nov 13 and my estimated shipping date was Dec 7. Since the email (which I answered right away), I did not get more news of what’s going on. No acknowledgement, tracking number or notice of any kind.

Like you, I’m in Canada and I ordered a Basic and have been waiting 3 years.

I hope someone from support answer us soon.


I feel your pain. It would be nice to know things are at least moving along. That Dec 14th delivery date stayed steady for so long I actually thought I’d see it by then. Stupid me.

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I feel your pain too. When Dec 7th came, it felt like it was Christmas morning, I did a little happy dance. And when it was gone without any news, I was sad. But somehow, not surprised :slight_smile:

I just hope we can get some feed back soon.

Have you received your Glowforge yet?

You haven’t received yours yet? I got mine Dec 27.

Yes I received mine on the 28th.

I received mine on Dec 27th as well.

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