Shipping email received earlier than expected

Got my shipping email today March 9, 2018. My estimated shipping date was March 26, 2018 so it was a couple weeks earlier than expected. I ordered my glowforge during the final hours on the last day of presale pricing back in December 2017. Now the delivery anticipation begins. Luckily I live in CA and the factory it is being sent from is also in CA, so hopefully it will be a short wait until it arrives.


Congrats! :grinning:

Yay! I’m in the Stockton area and turn around from GF to me can be as little as 1 day. Yours shoudn’t be too long. :slight_smile:


When mine was on the way I knew I had some time … but, went into a “get it done” mode. Vent set up, material storage, tool purchases, work area organized, etc., etc.

Since you probably don’t have long … you might want to get everything done today!


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Thanks everyone!! I’m a bit confused about my shipment. It said my glowforge would be shipping from their factory here in CA, but when I checked UPS today it says there is a 14lb package on its way from
Is this just my material package coming from there? Has the most important piece not shipped yet?
Whatever is on its way says it will be here on tuesday March 20, hopefully it is more than 14 lbs.

This is your Proofgrade package, which is drop shipped from the manufacturer in Tennessee.

@benhughes82 its your proofgrade “care package” Here is my timeline thus far - I will update as I learn more: (PS I am in Columbus OH to give an idea of where I am in comparison to the factory)

March 9th 2018: Received address confirmation email from Glowforge
March 13th 2018: Received UPS notification of proofgrade shipment (14 lbs shipment from TN)
March 15th 2018: Received proof grade materials
March 16th 2018: As of 10:25AM I have not received any additional information regarding shipment of the glowforge unit & profile does not provide any date
March 17th: Received email with Inventables gift certificate & the tracking number for the proofgrade materials that arrived on the 15th. (Sign up for UPS my choice!!)
March 22nd: Shipping label has been created in UPS My Choice - I didn’t get any emails regarding this from UPS. Some other very helpful individuals on the forum pointed out in another post that you can change your setting in My Choice to receive these “pre-shipment” notifications though!

Again I will update this post to help answer questions I feverishly searched for after receiving the golden ticket confirming my address.

Hope this helps!


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