Shipping, is Glowforge worth it?

how long does Glowforge take to ship? Are the delays true?

Ship the machine, proofgrade or a repair? Proofgrade is usually a day or two. A new machine, it depends on whether or not they are really in stock. If they are in inventory it seems to ship in days. If not, it could be weeks. You just won’t know. I believe they are using FedEx at the moment, so sign-up for FedEx’s shipping notification and management program. FedEx will let you know when it ships and when it will be delivered. Glowforge has a long history of not being reliable, or timely, when it comes to shipping notifications. Probably not a bad idea to sign-up for the UPS version as well in case they have switched back to UPS.

If it is a repair, three weeks turnaround seems to be not unreasonable.


Thank you much appreciated for the response I will take your suggestion and sign up for both.

I have a Glowforge Basic. I got it at a pre-order discount, but even at full price, it would be totally worth it. Granted, I had a couple warranty replacements, but my current one is a trooper. It does what I want, when I want.

This is solid technology. Glowforge is a small company and there are communication lags at time, but they will make an issue right.

I can’t say about a Pro. It’s a premium price and until they get the auto placement for the pass through slot, there will be a question as to utility there. But you can get great results now with a little practice and a few technical aids.

Do not underestimate the importance of a venting setup. Study up on that. The initial promotion included a cool looking filter that would enable you to use anywhere. They have pivoted to a more conventional model that can be an expense with replacement filters depending upon materials and use. Venting outdoors is preferable and free.

Do not discount the fact that the exhaust fans can seem quite loud.

Understand the operating environment window for not over-heating, requiring a pause for cool down or being too cold, requiring a warm up.

Understanding wifi networking, especially your own setup, is a big plus for this machine. It can be a stumbling block for some folks to ensure connectivity. I have never had a problem.

If you are great with digital design tools, you will be up and running producing amazing stuff right away.

If you are creative, you will find uses for it that will surprise you.

Hope this helps.


I ordered the basic Dec 19th with estimated delivery of Jan 23rd although I’m fully prepared for it to take longer. I feel the wait will be worth it but I’m not planning to make a living off of it so perhaps there’s less stress on me than some of the people I have seen posting on here.

This is a starter machine for me and if I enjoy it and can do the long list of things I have in my head then I will probably get a more industrial machine down the road.


Just wondering if you meant to open a support ticket with this, or just wanted to ask other users? (Posting in Problems and Support opens a ticket.) If you just wanted information from us, I’ll move it over to Everything Else for you so it doesn’t add to Support’s workload. :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of having mine replaced under warranty. They told me it would be a 4 week wait for a new machine. However, initial purchases might get different priority than RMAs.

Thank u

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