Shipping Notification on Veterans Day

I’m a veteran with nearly 44 years in uniform … how about receiving my SHIPPING NOTIFICATION on Veterans Day … what do you think? Even my doubting wife is beginning to listen to me talk about projects that I’ll be working on. :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses:


Thank you for serving our country!


Wasn’t trolling for a thank you … but thanks for saying so. Just getting too anxious after 2 years. :tada::tada:


Hoping for the best! That would be fantastic!
Thanks for your service! :+1:

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Dang, you don’t have a Glowforge yet? With all your contributions and time well spent on the forum, plus being a veteran, would be nice that you got the notification on Veterans Day.

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You’re going to love it. Better tell your wife to prepare to become awash in homemade items. I’ve already made my wife a half-dozen things, and I could see how it could easily get out of hand :slight_smile:


That’s Great! Congrats! Please post those projects as you are able, we’re interested!

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Thank you for serving our country!

Awesome that you will be receiving your Glowforge!!!