Shipping Notification on Veterans Day


I’m a veteran with nearly 44 years in uniform … how about receiving my SHIPPING NOTIFICATION on Veterans Day … what do you think? Even my doubting wife is beginning to listen to me talk about projects that I’ll be working on. :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses:


Thank you for serving our country!


Wasn’t trolling for a thank you … but thanks for saying so. Just getting too anxious after 2 years. :tada::tada:


Hoping for the best! That would be fantastic!
Thanks for your service! :+1:


Dang, you don’t have a Glowforge yet? With all your contributions and time well spent on the forum, plus being a veteran, would be nice that you got the notification on Veterans Day.


You’re going to love it. Better tell your wife to prepare to become awash in homemade items. I’ve already made my wife a half-dozen things, and I could see how it could easily get out of hand :slight_smile:


That’s Great! Congrats! Please post those projects as you are able, we’re interested!


Thank you for serving our country!

Awesome that you will be receiving your Glowforge!!!