Shipping Notifications today? 7/17/2017


Did anyone get a shipping notification today? I thought I read someone got a notification on one of the other threads.




I wish… It wasn’t I who received the Golden Ticket.


I’m hoping for tomorrow… perpetually tomorrow… :disappointed:

“I’ll gladly pay you last year for an AWESOME LASER tomorrow!” Ha!


Well, my dream of having my Pro by my birthday is officially shattered. I’m just hoping for “THE email” as a consolation birthday present. :pray:t2:


You today, my Birthday email tomorrow?


Not I


Congrats I hope to get mine soon i can’t wait


I don’t think anyone in this thread have gotten their email or machine :slight_smile: If I read the comments right, they’re all wishing they were the one that @mad_macs referred to in his original post.