Shipping the US then crossing the Canadian boarder with Glowforge

I’ve been waiting for ages to have my glowforge shipped to Canada but now have the opportunity to have it shipped to someone in the US and bring it over the boarder myself. Has anyone else done this? Have you had any problems?!

Lots of people. Everything I read has made it seem pretty simple. There are a couple things you need to bring with, like a receipt iirc. If you search the forum for canada, border, importing, etc… you should find plenty of threads. Good luck!

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Thanks! Of course I posted to the forum but didn’t search it! Looks like it’s working out for people.

I did this. You need to bring the receipt so you pay the taxes on it.

The only catch I’ve seen is that if you need to do a warranty exchange you have to haul it back to the border. If you live close enough for that, though, it seems like it would be worth it! :wink:


Definitely keep this in mind! Sadly, it’s not too uncommon to have a 'forge mishandled by the shipper and arrive broken. Can’t blame Glowforge, as they do a wonderful job packaging and in my experience are wonderful when it comes to sending a replacement. If I were you I’d give the machine a thorough inspection before you bring it home from the US to avoid potential heartache.

Hi Trish,
That is how I got mine. I opened the box in the USA to inspect it before going across back into the Great White North. Pay the taxes; no problems.

Be aware that if your US destination is WA, GlowForge will need to charge you WA state tax, unless you are Albertan.

The Canadian side will charge you taxes. You’ll have to explain about the Proofgrade samples being free, etc, etc, etc.

My tray arrived a few days later, so I had to make a second trip and bring my receipt from the previous trip so that I wouldn’t have to pay more tax.

All in all, it was pretty painless.

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