Shipping to Canada - Which one is faster? - Shipped to a US border pick up or directly to me

I am getting a GF Pro (after the 1st one went kaput) - I am in quite the bind right now with Christmas orders that I had to shut down my store. From people with experience, do you think it’s faster to ship to me directly, or to a US border town and have another delivery service pick up and delivery to me (due to pandemic). My first GF was a basic and it took about 5 weeks for it to be delivered to my house after a refund on the shipping fees. I am hoping this one will come faster… any ideas/

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Due to the pandemic, you won’t be able to cross the border.

It is faster to pick up at the US border town and then pay the GST when you bring it over. This is what I did and overall less headache then dealing with Fedex or UPS if they recoup the duty. That was when things were ‘normal’.

If you are actually allowed to cross, it’s likely you need to do 14 day quarantine. My coworker crossed for work (my company is considered an essential service) but he was told to quarantine when he returned

There’s a delivery service that picks up items and delivers it to a warehouse for pick up. That’s the option I am choosing instead of me personally picking it up myself. I am just curious if it’s faster to do it this way than to do it through Fedex or UPS?

I haven’t done that this way, I don’t have an answer for this method if faster or not.

From previous experience with shipping across the border, I can only say that with all the “major carriers”, there is no accountability to the end customer. It’s a crap shoot - you might get it quickly or it might sit in a black hole for a while.

So if your service can guarantee prompt processing, you have at least some small comfort.

The biggest delay is likely to be getting the machine sent out from GF. They don’t have a warehouse of them sitting around waiting to be shipped. They’re pretty much assembled as fast as they are sold.


I am also getting a refurbished one sent to replace my current broken one. I am curious in how long that would take. It’s been close to a week with no updates. I thought it was ‘right away’ as they said in the e-mail but I guess not. :frowning:

I think sometimes holdups at the border are backlogs at customs. Not something we can speed up.

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