Shoji Votive Candle Holder question

Does anyone other than myself have the plans from the catalog for the Shoji Candle Holders? I am trying, realllllly hard to get 4 of them on one sheet of plywood, but I can only get 3 full sets and then all but two sides lol. If anyone has figured out a way to get more than 3 full sets of this on a single sheet of PG ply, please let me know how :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Never seen the plans, and you can’t share them, so…

Packing something simple like this should be pretty easy to see if it can be done. I say easy because it has what, 5 pieces per box? That would in theory make 20 parts to pack? Doesn’t seem that complicated in theory…

Yeah I just looked, I guess this isn’t a free founder design. Sorry, can’t help.

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I see what you mean. I paid for the design and tried to lay out 4 as well and have 2 sides left over. Have you tried organizing them like this; everything tight in the right hand corner. Then turn over the sheet, place the previous top to the bottom right hand corner, they still might fit because you make the most of the margin?

Edit: deleted the screenshot, it being a catalog design.


Same with me, always have two pieces left over lol. I was just trying to get costs down on them, but, I supposed 3 on a sheet is better than nothing :slight_smile:
I am glad however that I’m not the only one that wasn’t able to get it lol

Thank you for trying though

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That is a good example where a larger piece of material can be very useful. If you have a 24’x 20" piece of material you could make 7 of them easily but you would need a pro.

I mocked it up and tried a bunch of different ways to fit it into a full sheet. I don’t see a way to do it, even with careful rotation and placement in inkscape.

That being said, I agree with @arh2, with 2 jobs and careful placement, I bet you could get it done using the margins on a single sheet of material, just not in one job.


I made a slew of these two years ago and remember getting 4 per sheet. The key was to cut each sheet into two pieces, enabling me to use the whole thing. Sorry, I don’t remember the optimal sizes. :confused:

I also had to individually lay out each side grouping.


Surely you can find something else to do with the scrap ply and cobble together scrap ply from something else to fit those two pieces. :slight_smile: Use all the scraps!

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If I’m allowed to modify the pieces I can easily make this a one-sheet. Basically I would split the base in half and assemble it later.

But alas, this is a purchased design, so you can’t really modify the files.

That being said, since you bought it, it seems like fairish game for you to design your own using the same principles, it’s a fundamentally simple design. If you roll your own, you can either redesign it to be the right size to fit the sheet, or you can modify the bases so that they will fit.

Something like this:

Green are your half bases, a nice kerf adjusted butt joint would allow you to easily assemble the base and snap it into place (you would probably need to rethink the position of your bottom-edge tabs so that the seam doesn’t interrupt the slot.

So yeah, 16 purple full sides, 4 split green bases, 4 red candle insert thingies. Seems like it’d work.


I’ll keep playing around, I think I should be able to do something with the scrap sections as well on the sheet. I will just sell them for more haha

Thanks everyone for the suggestions though

you can however bring in short lines and cut the scrap piece in the middle, Then put the two edges together (even glued) and cut your last bottoms from that :innocent:


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