Short Cut Keys Question ........ Solved

Hello all, I have what may be a newbie question but. Are there any short cut keys to select the Arrow / Hand / anything else from the bar at the top? I have searched the Forum but not finding anything. I also tried pressing most of the keys using CTRL but nothing there some expected things like
CTRL+S = save.

Thank you in advance Ed.

Yes indeed. Many of them.

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Well I not sure I stated that well enough. I’m looking for a short to go from the hand tool to the arrow tool. image I am aware of a lot of the short cuts copy, past, delete, undo, nudge, …

Hold down the space bar to pan while dragging, otherwise it stays in arrow mode.


Great that is exactly what I was looking for. I am embarrassed to say but I did see that just did not read it correctly.
Thank you Jules.


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