Shot glass holder

A friends birthday is coming up on May 5th so it only appropriate to give him tequila shots. He is a big Rick and Morty fan. So glowforge to the rescue.


Kewl! :sunglasses:

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I used the festi box generator to create the carrier.

I added a larger circle in the center for limes. Used a screen cap from the show and cleaned it up in photoshop and found a font from the show.


That is awesome, huge Rick and Morty fan.

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Very nice! Why are they empty?


or pickles.

I have been watching Endgame on Amazon Prime. It’s got that Mentalist-Psyche-Sherlock vibe to it. The main character is a Russian chess grandmaster. He lives in a luxury hotel. He drinks vodka and eats pickles. Before I finished the series, I had to stick my Grey Goose in the freezer, buy some nice gerkins and pickled herring. Made some sourdough rye loaves, and got my best shot glasses out. It’s all about the ritual.

Nice touch.


Love that pickled herring! Out to the store for some Grey Goose!

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Very thoughtful gift.

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Like it!

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Really turned out well!

Just finished the box.

I think this is the first time I have ever gotten a project done this early.


Box generated from…

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WOW that turned out really nice!! I like the box too! presentation is everything lol

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