Should I choose to sell my Glowforge preorder, can I have it shipped directly to the buyer?

Like the title says: if I sell my Glowforge before it’s shipped can I have it shipped directly to the buyer?

Probably something for Bailey or customer support to answer. It would seem simple since they haven’t collected your address as yet, but… Shipping costs are country dependent, warranty transfer might have to be worked out in advance, and don’t know whether original invoices and customs are linked. And if you or the new owner are in Washington State there might be a state tax issue. But again they need to answer this one.

Theyre going to ask for address… just put their address in when they ask you.

Are you getting a Mr. Beam? haha

I know they’ll ask for the address before shipping, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to put a different name. If Glowforge requires a signature, or ID confirmation, not being able to change the name would be a problem.

No, as I said in the Mr. Beam thread, $2000 is an insane asking price for that thing. I wanted my Glowforge to be a steppingstone to an Epilog, but the lack of information emerging about the Glowforge is making me afraid it’s going to be permanently set to the “kidz mode” I was worried about last year. It might be wiser to just go straight to a laser cutter with a known featureset.

Given that I already have a Glowforge on order though, and since it’s still slated to be shipped in two months, it seems silly to ask for a refund at this point. Might as well let it get shipped to someone, I’d just prefer to be able to sell it nationally (by being able to change the shipping address and the name) than being limited to a local sale (where the buyer could just come pick it up).

Im really hoping this isnt the case… I dont have the cash to throw down for one of the other more expensive laser cutters. Im hoping they will include all the basic functionality of every standard laser cutter, and then add some sweet glowforgeness on top of all that…

I hope that as well, but I guess, disappointingly, only time will tell.

It’s likely possible, but we haven’t planned for that contingency, so I can’t commit to it.

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Just put ‘Joe Bloggs c/o Hurudin’.