Should this forum formally embrace other artsy-craftsy topics?

The Glowforge discussions here have been solid gold over the years. This is an exceptionally skilled and friendly forum.

I have other artsy-craftsy interests which are not so well served by other forums. Many of these interests overlap with what I can do with a laser cutter, and I know some of you have similar interests. I know there are a number of people who do sublimation, for example. Vinyl cutting, electronics… all kinds of other hobbies get pulled in around here.

We already see some such posts here in Everything Else. I presume more are welcome… If so, should we lobby the Powers that Be to maybe add a new top-level category for Glowforge-complementary hobbies? Or maybe we can make do with tags in Everything Else?


I like seeing those topics and I think this is as good a place as any for them.


I think it fits pretty well in “everything else”, I don’t see why it should get its own top level… There are some posts like this but not that many.

I do like that this place is fairly focused on laser stuff. I like other projects too, but I don’t come here primarily for them… that is more instructables territory, yeah?


I think this is the best place to put them. You can provide topics in this section that identify what craft you want to discuss and start a new ‘thread’.


I haven’t found Instructables to have this quality of conversation.


Someone should put together some instructions on how to do that and post them there.

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