Shout Out to Jules

@Jules showed me how to do what is called a “knockout” in cartography, blocking data in one layer using data in another layer, using Inkscape. I usually use GIS software for this and also for clipping data but was having a great deal of difficulty doing this in Inkscape. :grimacing: :scream:

Following / experimenting / expanding on her advice, I can now do “clips” using multiple layers and Path>Difference. Originally, I could only get Path>Difference to give me ‘double lines’ once two layers were differenced. By using filled polygons but with no Stroke (as Jules had recommended when doing a knockout), I can now produce single line vectors during this differencing process. No need to select and delete nodes to make single lines from double lines!

Yea and Cool!

I could do this in Fusion 360, but Inkscape is much easier to use for me.

I suspect many people already knew this, but this is exciting for me and will make my work easier and faster!!!

Of course, the downside to all this is that I will have to replace my GlowForge tube a lot sooner because I will be able to pump more work thru the GF! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jules!!!


Chuckle! Honestly, it sounds like you took the idea a lot farther than what I suggested. I think you get the credit for that one. :wink:

Seeing your maps was well worth it though - those are stunning, and I hope you post lots of pics here as you go into mass production. :grinning: