Show and Tell


What technology? Laser or CNC? These are real nice!


@rebecca @darkdesign I gotta say, that owl looks adorable. And I don’t use that word very often.


Mine were cut on a laser at a Makerspace nearby.


Whoa, wait… Are those oreos stuffed inside chocolate chip?! I think they look incredible.


I wish my mom could take some mommy lessons from you and @darkdesign, but don’t tell her I said that.


OK, on the more comic things done recently (and by recently, finished at 6am this morning recently) I finished my 10 (well 7 really - the other 3 didn’t work out well) biblical plagues place cards for the passover dinner tomorrow night. We have 29 people coming (awkward since my wife just had her ACL repaired, so can’t really stand to help cook!) anyway, decided this year to 3D print place “cards” that are plagues in 3D (figured it’s A. fun and B. we have lots of kids coming). So here you go: Blood, Boils, Darkness (note the shadow falling on pyramid), death of the first born (that’s a 1), frogs, death of livestock and locust! blood is a nice transparent, and the drop is hollow so looks really cool.

Darkness is tough to see that it’s a pyramid with a shade over it. Here it is in overhead light (like in our dining room and side light so you can see)

Second project of the day

I’d be like don’t give me boils, don’t give me boils… oh look I got blood… well ok then…lmao
That’s a awesome idea and will sure to create some interesting conversation.


those death of livestock are hilarious (well… as funny as plagues go anyway)
made me think of these guys for some reason (my girlfriend adores them)


those are pretty popular amongst the infectious diseases folks at the hospital…


Especially the germs and diseases… love to just snuggle up with those… :smirk:


ha… would explain what she sees in me…


She is finishing her PhD in Immunology, so that makes plenty of sense.


Very nice!
So much more meaning when items are made instead of purchased.
Thanks for sharing!


Love the dead cows.


I had to do a plane-cut in mesh mixer to make them stable upside down (actually took some work to get the head/butt flat in plane with the top of the ears so it stays stably)


I love the concept…very creative! :slight_smile:


Have a blessed and holy Passover!


Next year in the Glowforge.


hahaha. I think next year’s will be laser cut!


My day job is rather normal but for creative fun I run a company ( that makes playing cards for the collector market. The Glowforge will be integral for making some highly customized limited edition items for my most discerning customers.

Here is the latest deck I did, which turned out quite well (pictures courtesy of my photographer friend Anthony).