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Amazing wood grain - Nature’s art.
Pro craftsmanship!

Thanks for sharing with us!

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it didn’t come out ‘perfect’ due to the limited amount of raw stock I had I had to basically use everything so some thickness’s are off as well as some cupping. due to the aggressive curl in the wood I couldn’t face the boards on the jointer or plain them on the plainer as it kept chipping out so I was limited to table saw, router, DA sander, chop saw, hand sanding, LOTS of clamps and glue. this is why the stretchers are thin on one side thicker on the other and why the door faces also don’t perfectly match up. just the nature of the restriction I had during the project, still VERY happy with it and now I have $100’s in molds finally safe and secure instead of in drawers at risk for damage


On my profile is a pic of my jeweler’s bench. I made that from the scrap pile of a cabinet shop. Vermilion, that was warped but too beautiful for the trash.
Like you, I ended up with a work of art.

I have had this 20" long x 18"wide x 1.5" thick piece of black walnut burl from that pile that I’ve had for 20 years waiting for it to speak to me. So beautiful, I will make it something. The laser will give me the ability to unleash my imagination on it.
Burl is so hard that chipping is characteristic. I thought of a woodcut, but the grain twists and turns. Makes it difficult to cut cleanly.
With a piece like that fancy burl, I would sneak up on the finish with abrasives to cut it down.


Hard to say what looks best. All the goodies to eat, yes. But I so envy folks who live farther north than I and have easier access to hard maple. Burl walnut is nice, but a bit rarer.

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You’re making me hungry!!

Hi! There is so much awesome here!

I’m a cosplayer and fabricator. I go by Katilist Cosplay.

I fabricated all the weapons for RWBY out of Sintra. I was Yang and I also made my costume. The other girls made their own costumes.

My friend made the weapon for this Warhammer 40k Repentia, but I made the costume and I rather liked how it turned out.

This Dungeons of Elements costume for Frogdice was to wear at PAX East 2 years ago.

I tend to be the person within my group who throws all the parties. Here is a quick party favor I came up with recently for one of my friends baby showers using some boxes from Amazon and some stickers I made with photoshop.


Welcome fellow cosplayer! I see you have been to the mecca. I too, visit often!
Your work looks great! Welcome to the board!


So a few weeks ago something amazing happend.

I took notice of @rebecca’s work on the felted animals and I liked them so much I wrote her an email to see if she would be able to make one in the style of the owls I used for my Tree project in my friends kidsroom.

The kids birthday was coming up and this was the perfect gift to compliment the room theme.

@rebecca immediately did her thing and in no time at all sent me these awesome pictures.

It’s perfect! I had asked her to let me pay her for it but she wanted nothing of it. Suggesting that for payment I would plant some native flowers to increase the local buzzers (bees). Now I already provide plenty for those and I sent her pictures of my garden and such.

I opted to at least pay for shipping across the globe. @Rebecca is in the US and I’m across the pond in the Netherlands. Even with that she did not want any of it.

I received a beautiful crafted wooden box (not by her, but a very nice touch) and was amazed by the size of the owl itself! I was expecting a golfbal sized item but instead I got a softbal or even bigger sized one! It is the perfect gift. Naturally the kid and his mom are very happy with it and it has become one of his favourite toys to bring with him!

I would like to thank @Rebecca again for being the amazing person she is. This was an awesome experience in the good in people. I work to forward the experience to others as was done to me.

Again thank you!!


:laughing: Labor day really should be considered a religious holiday, takitus!!

Ah, I knew @rebecca was awesome :slight_smile:

whaaat! youre right, those are awesome! nice work @rebecca!

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Cool costumes @marvelgirl2010!
Thank you for sharing with us. You will really trick them out with your laser!

@rebecca - you rock! And so does your little owl!
Wonderful gift, and gesture. You just made a few friends in the Netherlands!

@darkdesign, that picture was all the payment she needed - and it does more for her than the money!
Owos are a perfect fit on your tree.

This is a great story, thanks for sharing it with us!

What a great story about a very generous lady. The owl is adorable, but that child…incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story and the photos. And @rebecca…way to go!

Couple wine boxes I’ve made recently


This just got added to my future project list.

Nice! Gives me some ideas for 6 gallons of peach wine I have still sitting around (with darn late frosts had no peaches the last 4 years).

Great idea - nice job!
Thank you for sharing you craft with us!

So glad he likes it! You’re correct, that picture is worth it all.

It was a fun project, I’d never tried to create a feltie without directions before. Now I have more confidence to break away from the instruction books.

Does this mean I can I add International Crafts(wo)man to my resume?


definately a skilled craftswoman

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