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Very nice designs, the wooden nickle is very clean!
How did you light the cubes, with the light string?

Thanks for sharing!

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I used these inexpensive LED tea lights that I get on eBay for under $.50 each. They last quite long and have a natural flicker.

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Cool product, clean look! Would be handy in many cases.
Personally, if I don’t have my Leather man Wave on my belt, I’m under dressed.
Good luck with your campain, thanks for sharing!

Little known fact - the original inventor of of the Leatherman is Tim Leatherman. How’s that for a name/product/business combo?


Yeah, I read about the inspiration for the tool. A motorcycle trip short on tools!
I have had 4 iterations, 2 original and 2 leatherman waves. That’s about 30 years worth of having a pocket full of tools on my belt, when I’m on a ladder or up under something and I don’t have to stop and take a trip to the toolbox.

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Hi all you owners. Here’s my simple skill set. I’ve been using a Silhouette Cameo paper/vinyl/heat transfer machine for many years. Here are a few projects I’ve done. None nearly so grand as some of them out there. I hope I don’t bore you!

Here’s a card I made for a Harley owner friend to give to his wife for Valentines day. I decided to put it out on Etsy. There are tons of non vintage Harley items offered there - Even more when I posted this a few years ago. Within 2 days of listing it, I got a polite cease and desist e-mail from Harley. That’s why I asked first for the glowforge Ahead T-shirt.

Made this “Box Card” for Christmas. It folds flat for mailing and opens up for display. The sentiment is on the back of the brick wall. I’m hoping that the glowforge will give me some cleaner and more consistent cuts on card stock (I went through a lot of blades making a bunch of these).

Here’s a Wedding card I made for a co-worker’s Fall wedding. Used a few different embossing folders on it. I hope to be able to easily make some custom embossing folders with the glowforge. Interestingly enough, the Silhouette was able to cut the simple copper shapes. Won’t do anything complex, but these worked fairly well.

Dog themed Christmas cards I made one year. I actually did sell a few sets of these - Golden Retriever for me, but offered many different breeds (stationary box included).

Sorry, not done yet. Will post some vinyl & heat transfer work in a while.


Here are some of my Silhouette Cameo vinyl and heat transfer items:

Frisbees are fun! This is permanent vinyl. I haven’t really followed up on how they held up. Thinking of experimenting with heat transfer material fused to the plastic with a lower temp pressing.

A sign that I made using a vinyl stencil. Applied the stencil and sprayed the words on it, then removed the stencil and stained the wood. Can’t wait to etch it into a plank! The phrase was found in a gift catalog and I selected and arranged the different fonts.

Wall graphic for my office before I started working from home. Pretty simple, 3 layers of interior vinyl for the Milwaukee Braves text. A little hard to register the layers for such a long graphic, but worth it.

Here is a “frosted” vinyl logo I designed for a friend’s home pub. It is on the back bar of a canopy style bar. It’s amazing how much it looks like an etched mirror. Wish I could say I did the bar build, but not my line of work (not my buddy’s work either - he writes checks).

Here are some T-shirts I made for another friends kids. They love the Disney Infinity video game. Used a bunch of glitter vinyl for these and incorporated the "IN"finity logo into the design.

Last one, I promise. I made a few shirts for my friends when we attended the last day of one of our favorite watering holes before they sold the property to a developer. One of the bartenders begged to have some made - the owner didn’t object to the logo use and all of a sudden I had an order for 85 T-shirts and 50 can Koozies. Made a few coasters to give away. They are blank cardboard coasters I got online with the logo pressed on using heat transfer material. I’ve been using these and they hold up well.


Nice work! I hadn’t thought of heat transfer vinyl on materials like frisbees and coasters. I’ll have to experiment with those ideas.

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Very nice!
I especially like the dog/heart sign, perfect. That will be great engraved on wood! Reminds me of another tribute; “If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went.” - Will Rogers

The copper leaves on that Fall invitation, beautiful detail. Professional work Bill,
Thanks for sharing!

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Here’s what I could get pictures of…

I made both of the things in this picture. One is the costume of Hugh from Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. The other is my daughter. My wife helped with that part. I’ve done her costume most every year.

This is when she thought it would be hilarious to be a one-eye one-horn flying purple people eater. She’s also been Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, an angel, a steampunk princess, and more. She’s had store-bought, but these are the ones I claim.

This is a bar of soap. I made more than one, but this is the only one available for a photograph at the moment. It smells orangy and is made with milk and lye and fat.

Here are some necklaces made from polymer clay. The top one is because pi is delicious and the other is supposed to be binary initials. These are made using “canes” of the clay. You create a puck of whatever you want and then you roll it smaller and smaller 'till you have a cane that is cut into beads. That means the pi symbol goes all of the way through.

I love seeing what everyone can do! I can do more, but I don’t have pictures. Maybe I’ll post more later.


The hand crafted costumes have more character and meaning just because of the personal investment.
My sister enjoys makeing her own soap, after using it I understand why.
Clay “canes” are new to me, sounds like fun! Just like the costumes, working the materials by hand adds some of you to the product. That makes it special.

Thanks for sharing with us!


I love those carts! I have the hardware for one, but I haven’t found the right wood to build it yet.

Didn’t know about the clay canes but it makes sense. Candy makers use this technique as do glass workers. It’s amazing how it’s done.


I saw a guy doing this in a mall…I think in Columbus OH probably 25 years ago…so cool


You can do this with polymer clay too, and then slice it and mosaic the slices for very interesting patterns. I believe that stuff might not be laserable, but could potentially have a place in a mixed media project.


Anyone who ‘does’ Facebook knows that ‘how-to’ videos abound…anything from how to tame a snake to how to make liver lasagna (ewww!) I learned how to make these flower pop-up cards from a Facebook video. The video speed was at least doubled…and to make these was very tricky and time-consuming, so it took me quite a lot of time. These are my second and third tries and they turned out pretty well. The most tedious work was cutting out each flower from a four inch piece of folded paper.

Hmm…I wonder what I could use to do that better and faster…oh wait… :smirk:


Yeah, I’m not even going to try here…

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Yeah, so many old time consuming methods are going to fall away!

Exactly! You can do that with polymer clay, aka Fimo. They made a log. I only had enough clay to make a puck.


ok so here are a few things, chocolate truffles, hard maple candy, maple cider caramel, my garden, curly cherry cabinet I built to store my chocolate molds, jerky, some baked goods