Show off your carved pumpkins!


Laser cut or hand carved! Let’s see them!


Looks great!


Wow! Okay, I want to know how you did that.


How would you laser cut a pumpkin with a Glowforge? Unless it’s a tiny one?


My thinking is cut the “face” of the pumpkin off and laser that, then re-attach with maybe toothpicks.


@HalWebGuy @cynd11 this is how I did it! Except I didn’t think of using toothpick (good idea @Tom_A) so I used gorilla glue


Wow! Did you just score and peel, like it was masking?


I just engraved it


Oh… duh… I’ll go back to my corner now. :rofl:


Maybe I’ll have my Glowforge in time for next Halloween :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah man! Wish I saw this sooner! I could have won best pumpkin at work! LOL!!!

So cool - I love it!


I’ll play!



Awesome, I love the pumpkins ‘stage’ too!


Very cute–a pumpkin with braces!


It’s all I got.


I don’t even got no trick or treaters :disappointed_relieved: On top of that my wife just told me that only weird lonely divorced men give out full size candy bars because they don’t know how to shop for candy.

Of course someone is going to have to eat them if they’re not handed out. Like I’d be good with Snicker Snackers instead :stuck_out_tongue: Yep crazy :fox_face:


ROFL! Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Nerds Ropes as well, and they only come in full size. (What to do? What to do?) :thinking:


Turn off the lights and tell everyone no one came :grinning:


Well, we just got back into the house. We and a few neighbors set up at the foot of our driveway with a propane heater and many bowls of candy, and we still have most of it left. Hardly any kids came! Dangit!