Show us your Glowforge space!

Like most here, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Glowforge. I keep its space at the office (relatively) clean because I want to be ready at a moment’s notice. Do you have a space prepared for your new family member?


Now that is definitely a classy spot to showcase your GF:glowforge:

Will look forward to hearing about the feedback you get from visitors to your place.


Here’s where mine will go!

We need to paint and install furniture for it, but at least there’s already a vent in the wall!


Did you even figure out why there were so many vents in your new place?


No but I liked the thought of it being for portable air conditioners since there is no central air.


As we speak I am cutting a vent box with the laser for one of those portable A/C units to vent out the window of our tiny vintage camper. Not enough room between the unit and wall for the radius of the provided 6" hose.


this is how it sat this morning, but some new tool purchases this weekend, and a couple of ideas later, and I will be spending the next few days building a new bench and re arranging.


Thank you! I most definitely will share my successes and failures. I’ve not had much to contribute here yet, but I read every day and am thankful for many in this community.

As a designer, I am excited about the ways I can add value to many of my existing client projects as well as the opportunity to create new things for them as well.


Now, are the independently vented or do they aggregate to a central point(s)?

Will you plan on sealing ports that share the same vent port as the GF :glowforge: will use or do you plan on putting an exhaust fan on the external vent to make all the ports to have negative pressure?

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It’s independent. Goes right through the wall.


That’s a lot of external dryer vents!


Looks like the house was designed for Glowforge!


I could put the Forge in either this room, or there are two different vents in the living room, or there is the actual dryer vent, along with an old abandoned dryer vent in the laundry room.

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The Glowforge is such that it will look nice in the environment. Definitely can tell you design. Love your big logo on the wall.

And @chadmart1076 with the yellow: my office has the same bright yellow where the Glowforge is. Folks said my white balance was off on my pics because the light was so funky in the room. Part of it was that a Lamp shade had a gold reflecting coating on the inside but lots because of the yellow. Making a light box really helped.

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This was mine as of March 1st. A lot has been added since, but I dont have an updated photo on me. This is close enough =).


The temporary home for the Glowforge until the filter arrives and I can get the cart/bench designed and built.


Seeing other people’s spaces reminds me that I am a pig. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :pig:


Here’s mine courtesy of IKEA:

This is a temporary spot as well. Once the filter arrives, I’ll likely move the :glowforge: across the room nearer my desk.


What the heck kind of stock photo image of modern times living is this? hahahahah. I’m uhh gonna put mine on a table in a poorly lit room.



Well, mine is going to be literally 12" away from the edge of my bed, and I’m probably gonna put my fist into the rear of it when I death roll in my sleep at night. I may even knock the vent hose off it while doing so because it will be right there.

On the plus side, the vent hose will only be ~12" long because it’s so close to the sliding screen door. However, the 7ft tall filler panel to seal off the vent access through said screen door, is also likely to get knocked/pulled over onto myself while asleep (it will NOT be left in the door while the unit is not in use).