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I wanted to make something for my woman and test out some cardstock on the G-forge so I took an old file I had made for vinyl and redesigned it for cardstock. I used some white, black and red scrapbook cardstock I had bought at the hobbystore last week.

cutting and engraving the white cardstock still leaves charred edges. It’s not so notable on the other colors.

Speed: 500
Power: 60
Passes: 1

for the white it was barely enough.

Speed 1000
power 1
passes 1
LPI 225


Simply lovely! (Love handmade cards.) :grinning:


No photos for me… ? :frowning:


Same here.


I can’t see the photos either. Hey @darkdesign, is there a different format you could upload these photos in? I haven’t been able to see any of your uploads. I’m on mobile (iOS) if that makes a difference.


hmmm, weird. I link them from my account.


I can see them on Chrome.


Hmm, i use Chrome, and i can’t see the photos either.


Apparently for @Jules eyes only…I’m on chrome for Android and can’t see them either…


chrome on PC here and all i see is



Y’all, that is so weird! I downloaded them and will re-upload them here. Tell me if you can see these:


Yep! I guess they need to be uploaded rather than linked for some reason.

Cool cards by the way!


Those are cute!!


now… Very nice !!


Thanks everyone! I’ll try and upload the photo’s in my post next time.


I can see them now. Fantastic card!