Shut your Barn Door!



Otherwise the cows will get out. :smile:

Yeah, I’ve totally lost it. @marmak3261 suggested I take the designing out of the office and into the barn so I complied while waiting for doom to fall on our heads.


Had to make it useful too…

I wonder if anyone needs trebuchet cows? :smile:

(Oh, this is all Draftboard (sorry Mark) colored with Sharpies, and some PG veneer trim. It takes the color beautifully and doesn’t have to be wiped.)


Please tell me that it’s doubling as a pencil sharpener!


Yep! Built it around a cheap Amazon sharpener. :grinning:


Oh gosh @jules, you make the cutest things! It’s adorable! Now you need a pencil with a hay fork on the eraser end.




I might make a little pitchfork for it…cute idea! :grinning:


Very cute … Love that you made it with a function!


Ha ha this made me smile…again your creativity kills me!!


Is a whole farm coming?


Might do a grain silo pencil cup. (And happy birthday, in case you don’t see the Cakeday posts.) :grinning:


That’s adorable. and Happy birthday @rodrigobrionesm! I have a load of Selective Service board ready but saving it for my forever forge.


I’ve got a trebuchet :sunglasses: those would work in…something to do add to the list of things to make when I get my pro.